About Us

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

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Mission and Vision

CAMCO believes in maintaining a consistent Growth with well-maintained safety policy in place having strict quality controls and assurances for the organization, Clients, Service Providers and all those related to it.

Growth Strategy

  • To create a dynamic and vibrant organization to respond to the challenges and to offer superior and competitive products and/or services so as to Serve the fast-growing Kuwait & GCC companies that are emerging as strong industrial players.
  • To Grow as a leading market player with a far-reaching geographic presence and a comprehensive product and/or services offering by refining business strategy focusing on future business needs.
  • Implement quality improvement initiatives at all levels for improved product lines in terms of quality and brand image.
  • Build a central warehouse and center of service excellence that can be leveraged to serve leading clients in the region and beyond.
  • Diversify according to customer demand in construction, Oil & Gas, Energy, Marine Welding and Infrastructure to support the requirements.

Safety Policy

  • CAMCO International as a company is committed to excellence of work through sound planning, engineering judgment and construction practice. We encourage and promote benchmarking on HSE matters, recognize and reward achievements and are committed to a constant vigilance towards project and personnel safety.
  • To ensure a strict safety culture that includes our employees, sub-contractors and clients as the most important aspect of our operations while all employees are expected to be proactive about the prevention of incidents and accidents and be aware of Health, Safety and Environmental issues.
  • We believe Safety is everybody’s responsibility & Our Management is committed to this policy and sets such objectives and targets that aim at continuously raising the HSE standards and allocate the necessary resources to ensure that appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision are provided.
  • CAMCO International promotes increasing health, safety and environmental awareness to enable employees to perform their jobs consistent with this policy.
  • The HSE Management System in place enables us to take all necessary actions to meet or exceed the applicable requirements in the relevant laws and regulations of the country of operation and the applicable domestic and international occupational health, safety and environmental requirements.
  • Our Management continuously monitors and improves operations, procedures, technologies regarding the effectiveness and improvement of our HSE Management System.

Quality Control

  • A strict Quality Control System which includes clearly defined inspection and test plans and procedures adherent with Client’s demand and requirements. For this attitude to be realistic and consistent quality becomes a way of life at CAMCO.
  • International Strict adherence to international quality standards ensue quality in every product,
  • service and solution that we offer to the customers.
  • Although the QC Systems are particular to each project, they are fully compliant with the Company’s overall policy.
  • Plans and procedures are regularly monitored and audited, both at project and corporate levels, to ensure compliance with contractual requirements.
  • The Company is paying a great attention to Occupational Health, Safety and Environment as well. The current HSE procedures are effectively implemented.
  • The Company is maintaining its HSE Management System in line with the Environmental Management System and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System requirements.
    1. Responsibility towards Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) is one of our core values. JEC policies ensure that the operations confirm to international standards.
    2. Increase the competency of personnel and use of adequate technology to enhance Customers Satisfaction, environmental, safety, health and security performance.
    3. Prevent pollution and control operational and security risks in order to protect the environment, the safety and health of our employees, contractors, visitors, the neighbors and the community.
    4. Steward our products and services through each life cycle stages in order to protect people and the environment.
    5. Implement Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental, Quality and Responsible Care Integrated Management Systems as a prime line responsibility at all levels of our organization and continually improve their performance and effectiveness.
    6. Involve and consult with our employees on matters related to our Integrated Management Systems.
    7. Comply with all relevant Qatari Legislations, Regulations and Standards adopted by the Company.
    8. We provide employees with the necessary qualification and training so that they take responsible judgments and actions.
    9. Implements the highest Quality, Health, Safety Environmental standards into every aspect of its operations.
    10. Encourages employees to implement a work ethic that supports the highest standards of Quality in a safe Environment to achieve a Zero accident philosophy.

Quality Assurance

  • Our Management is committed to its Quality Assurance Policy which governs all operations and departments.
  • A corporate QA Manual with Processes and Procedures are in place for guidance and monitoring. The Company follows an external and internal Audit timetable to ensure the established objectives and key performance indicators are achieved.
  • Review of continual improvement projects and effectiveness of corrective and preventive measures are ongoing in order to maintain customer satisfaction, competitiveness and profitability.
  • A Quality Assurance Plan is implemented for each individual steps, covering all aspects of work involved. The QA plans are based on the corporate QA Manual and adapted to suit each Client’s requirements in accordance with contract conditions.
  • This ensures integration within the Company QA system and allows for greater control in implementation. QA plans include project organization structures, coordination and operational procedures, with authority and responsibility matrices for all stages of the project.
  • CAMCO International endorses benchmarking amongst its personnel to exchange experiences, initiate improvement projects and to promote risk awareness and mitigation measure.